The Daily FOURcast™ – A Weather Forecast for the DMV Region for Thursday, 11/30/2017 – Sunday, 12/3/2017


*NOTE: A forecast is considered “ACCURATE” if it falls in a range of +/- four degrees from the TARGET HIGH TEMP listed above at each location.  Check out our 4cast Results for up-to-date accuracy ratings.



Thursday (11/30) will deliver mixed skies and near-normal highs across the DMV region to close out November with readings of 50-55 degrees as a cold front moves through the region later in the day.

Friday (12/01) is expected to bring more sunshine to the DMV region along with highs in the 49-54 degree range.

Saturday (12/02) will bring yet another sunny day with cool daytime highs in the 47-52 degree range.

Sunday (12/03) will bring sunny skies again to the DMV region with temperatures in the 50-65 degree range.



7am EST THURSDAY, 11/30/2017



7pm EST THURSDAY, 11/30/2017

Always remember – stay connected to DMV Weather daily because accurate and accessible weather information not only improves lives, it sometimes helps save them.  And DMV Weather is the only weather forecast service that posts forecasts in advance, measures against actual results after the fact and then (most importantly) publicly displays all forecast details and statistical accuracy ratings publicly for everyone at-large to see in real-time.  Therefore, be sure to Always Stay Weather Informed™ in the DMV region with DMV Weather, a division of Weather Informant, if you want an accurate weather forecast service with the verifiable numbers to prove it.

Also, be sure to visit our “Home” page to learn about our unique weather forecast guarantee called The 4-Degree FOURcast Accuracy Assurance™ from DMV Weather.  We’re so confident in our forecast accuracy, WE WILL PAY YOU* if we’re not 90% accurate (or above) with our temperature forecasts each month/quarter/year – all you have to do is take 30 seconds or less to sign up as an official DMVW “Registered User” on the “Home” page of our Web site or in the below form in this post and you’re automatically in the mix for any random drawing we have at any point throughout every year!  It’s free and it not only gets you in the mix on possible drawings, but also means you’ll be in a select group to receive text-based notifications in severe weather situations as well as special offers from our advertisers only being offered to “Official Registered Users of the DMV Weather Service.”

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