Always Stay Weather Informed™

Always Stay Weather Informed™

The then-home of DMV Weather Founder and Lead Forecaster, George Young, the morning after the late night Super Derecho on 6/29/2012.

Become an Official DMVW “Registered User” Today – It’s FREE!

Become an official DMV Weather “REGISTERED USER” today!

Accuracy matters at DMV Weather.  So much so, we’re willing to actually put an ACCURACY ASSURANCE in place (think: MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE without ever having to spend any money!) where WE WILL PAY YOU* if we’re not AT LEAST 90% ACCURATE with our forecasts (specifically with our 4-Degree FOURcast of high and low temps each day).

And guess what?  All you have to do is fill out the below form and become an official “REGISTERED USER” of the DMV Weather service for our guarantee to apply to you.

So sign-up today…because the real question is “Why WOULDN’T you?”

Official “Registered Users” of the DMV Weather service not only get automatically entered in any and all drawings that are held by DMV Weather (including those related to our Accuracy Assurance), but they also will receive the following benefits:


  • Automatic entry into any and all drawings we hold for gift cards, apparel, trips to Scandinavia (we almost definitely won’t ever hold a drawing for that, though!), etc. – including drawings related to our Daily FOURcast Accuracy Assurance™!
  • Exclusive offers from our sponsors/advertisers, available ONLY to DMV Weather “Registered Users!”
  • Deeper insights into our forecasts and the weather in the area that will go above and beyond what we put on our Web site/app/social media channels.
  • Text alerts IF/WHEN (and ONLY if/when) very important severe weather situations in the region warrant us reaching out to you immediately (via text!) to increase the chance our message reaches you ASAP!
  • Eternal gratitude from us, to you, for you choosing to use our service:)


DMV Weather (a division of Weather Informant) is a weather service that provides weather forecasts, analyses, and other weather-related content to the general public – for FREE – for all of the DC/Central MD/Northern VA (DMV) region.  This service started in 2012 as a social media-based forecast operation (called CSC Weather) and has grown into an app-based, Web site-driven, social media-supported seven-day-a-week weather forecasting division of a legal entity called Weather Informant that is out to fulfill a simple, but powerful mission in the weather forecasting industry: find as many ways as possible to keep members of the general public as “weather informed” as possible.



This region includes, among many others, the cities of Alexandria (VA), Annandale (VA), Annapolis (MD), Ashburn (VA), Arlington (VA), Baltimore (MD), Bethesda (MD), Bowie (MD), Burke (VA), Catonsville (VA), Dale City (VA), Dundalk (MD), Ellicott City (MD), Fredericksburg (VA), Gaithersburg (MD), Glen Burnie (MD), Leesburg (VA), Manassas (VA), McLean (VA), Potomac (MD), Reston (VA), Rockville (MD), Silver Spring (MD), Springfield (VA), Towson (MD), Waldorf (MD), Washington, D.C..



The DMV Weather approach is simple: keep the forecast focus tight on a single region (in this case, the geographical regional known as the DMV, which is Washington, D.C., Central MD, and the region that is Northern VA) and put a premium on four things: accuracy of forecasts, timeliness of information, clarity of communication (of all-things-weather, especially any and all severe weather threats and hazards), and statistical analysis (objective performance measurement) of its’ own forecasts, so everyone knows – both internally and externally – just how effective the forecast service is with its operations.



The Daily FOURcast Accuracy Assurance™ provided by DMV Weather (a division of Weather Informant) is simple: DMV Weather guarantees that the forecast accuracy of its “4-Degree FOURcast” – a daily high temperature forecast for next day high temps for four separate cities in the DMV region (Annapolis/U.S. Naval Acadamey; Baltimore/BWI Airport; Dulles/Dulles International Airport; Washington, D.C./Reagan National Airport) – will be a combined 90% or above or it will pay registered users of its’ weather service (note: an “accurate” high temperature forecast is defined as one that is within four degrees of the “target temp”  that is forecast/posted each day for each of the four cities listed above; as an example, a forecast “target” high temp for BWI Airport of 80 degrees is considered accurate if the actual high temp, as recorded by the National Weather Service for that specific location is 76-84 degrees, which is +/- four degrees of the forecast high temp).



For any and all “REGISTERED USERS” of the DMV Weather service (fill out the form on this page to become a REGISTERED USER), there will be monthly (each calendar month), quarterly (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sept, and Oct-Dec) and annual (calendar year) drawings for gift cards and other “swag” based on the following criteria:

  1. All “REGISTERED USERS” of the DMV Weather forecast platform are eligible for all monthly/quarterly/annual drawings and will  automatically be entered whenever drawings occur;
  2. No drawings will occur if the accuracy level of the 4-Degree FOURcast™ that is part of The Daily FOURcast™ provided by DMV Weather is at 90.00% or above for any given period (month/quarter/year), with accuracy levels being based ONLY on the “next day” high temperature forecasts (not for forecasts posted for 2-4 days out);
  3. If the accuracy level of The 4-Degree FOURcast™ is ever below 90.00% but higher than 84.99% – anywhere from 85.00% to 89.99% – for any given period (month, quarter, year), DMV Weather will hold a drawing within 15 calendar days of the end of the period and will randomly draw (using a third-party “random draw” service) four (4) winners who will each receive a $100 gift card of some sort (AMEX, VISA, Mastercard, Best Buy, Amazon, etc.) to be sent via U.S.P.S. mail;
  4. If the accuracy level of The 4-Degree FOURcast™ is ever below 85.00% for any given period (month, quarter, year), DMV Weatherwill hold a drawing within 15 calendar days of the end of the periodand will randomly draw (using a third-party “random draw” service) four (4) winners who will receive a $250 gift card of some sort via U.S.P.S. mail .

NOTE: Additional drawings (separate from those described above) will occur during the course of each year, with each “REGISTERED USER” automatically being eligible for/included in the drawing.  DMV Weather will announce any, and all, additional drawings in advance.



To become an official “REGISTERED USER” of the DMV Weather service, you simply need to fill out the registration form on this page titled “DMV Weather User Registration Form” with valid information in all available (required) fields.

There is only ONE REAL RULE TO REGISTER: only one registration is allowed per person (doesn’t matter if you have multiple valid email addresses/cell phones).

NOTE: Any registrations found to be duplicates/multiples for one individual will be deleted from our registration database and winning drawings will be invalidated.

That’s it!  DMV Weather is an ACCURATE weather forecasting service for the entire DC/Central MD/Northern VA region and is ready and willing to put its money where its forecast mouth is to back it up while showing its’ forecast results to the public day-after-day-after-day on our 4cast Results page.


Thanks in advance for registering with DMV Weather and for participating in our new and exciting approach to weather forecasting and objective performance analysis of weather forecasts!

THIS PROGRAM OFFICIALLY BEGAN 7/1/2017, which begins a new month and a new quarter.

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Get Our FREE Weather App TODAY!

Get Our FREE Weather App TODAY!

What Is The DMV???


dmv map

D = District of Columbia

M = Maryland

  • Northern Tier Counties
    • Washington
    • Frederick
    • Carroll
    • Baltimore
    • Harford
    • Cecil
  • Central MD Counties
    • Montgomery
    • Howard
    • Prince George’s
    • Anne Arundel
  • Southern Counties
    • Charles
    • Calvert
    • Mary’s
  • Eastern Shore Counties
    • Kent
    • Queen Anne’s
    • Talbot
    • Dorchester
    • Caroline


  • Garrett (Western MD)
  • Allegany (Western MD)
  • Wicomico (Eastern MD)
  • Somerset (Eastern MD)
  • Worcester (Eastern MD)

V = Virginia

  • Northern Virginia Counties Of…
    • Loudon
    • Arlington
    • Fauquier
    • Prince William
    • Fairfax
    • Stafford
    • Culpepper
    • King George